Even with the advent of grab-and-go bars and microwaveable breakfast bowls, almost 75 percent of Americans regularly eat cereal for breakfast. But they’re not necessarily eating the cereals they grew up with.


That’s because cereal manufacturers are changing their ways, removing artificial colors and flavors to produce products that are healthier and have cleaner labels. For example, natural vanillas have taken the place of artificial, and fruit and vegetable juices are being used for both flavor and color. This is true for hot or cold cereals.


Cereal manufacturers are also seeking ways to add vitamins, minerals and fiber, and to replace GMO ingredients with those that are organic.


Our Capabilities

At Mother Murphy’s we support our customers’ efforts to add authentic flavors, spices and natural nutrients to both hot and cold cereals. Working closely with them, we can create flavors that meet their goals for organic-compliant content, allergen avoidance and natural tastes and colors.

Cereal is hot again – and we can help

meet your needs for innovative, natural and clean-label cereal flavors.

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