At Mother Murphy’s, we love a confectionery challenges.


To date, we have created more than 60,000 food flavoring formulations. We draw from this deep catalog to create flavors that are the sweetest of the sweet and sourest of the sour, as well as fruity, spicy, savory or traditional candy flavors.


If a confectioner or candy manufacturer wants to break convention, we can help create new and novel food flavoring that harmonizes with their desired texture and shape. Our company may be more than 70 years old, but we’ve never stopped innovating.


Mother Murphy’s has successfully developed traditional flavors, compliant organic flavors, and alternatively sweetened flavoring for confectionery products, including:

  • Hard candy. Our flavor chemists know how to work within the limitations of low-moisture hard candy to create flavors that remain stable under high heat.
  • Soft chews. We can create flavor systems and develop masking agents for soft chews to make even health-conscious products taste delicious.
  • Chocolates. We work with chocolate manufacturers to develop food flavoring systems that meet the growing demand for seasonal, international and organic flavors.
  • Chewing gums. Our complex flavor systems for chewing gums go way beyond mint. We have helped our customers develop innovative flavor blends for chewing gum and bubble gum.
  • Nut clusters. Using nuts and nut oils in candy can be challenging. We know how to develop flavors that counter flavor oxidation and address clean-label concerns.
  • Inclusions. We are skilled in finding interesting balances of flavor and texture that make inclusions exciting – for example, crunchy and creamy, sweet and salty, or wet and dry.

Mother Murphy’s works with confectioners and candy manufacturers of all sizes, both in the U.S. and internationally. We’re well known in our industry for our quick-turnaround time on samples and food-safety mindset.


Contact us for more information about our flavor extracts for confections.

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If you can imagine it, we can create it.