Nut Clusters

Nuts add healthy implications to candy. That’s why nut clusters are growing in popularity with consumers who want healthier, more natural choices when it comes to confections.


Adding nuts and nut flavoring to candy also offers consumers an opportunity to enjoy sweets with the benefit of added protein and nutrients.


Of course, using nuts and nut flavoring in any product creates challenges. Nuts and nut oils can experience oxidative rancidity that can quickly affect flavor. And whenever nuts or nut flavoring are introduced, product labeling for allergens becomes a concern.


Our Capabilities

Mother Murphy’s understand the benefits and complexities that are inherent in the manufacture of nut clusters. We work with manufacturers locally and across the globe to develop flavors for nut clusters that are the perfect balance of salt, sweet and nutty.

From hazelnuts to almonds to nut-free

flavors, we can help you create nut clusters that meet the demands of your customers.

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If you can imagine it, we can create it.