Customer Service

There's probably no area in corporate America that gets more bad press or tweets than customer service. From "feedback loops" to "Total Customer Satisfaction," from implementing ISO customer satisfaction standards to monitoring and rewarding customer service representatives, there's always a new strategy and solution being touted. But here at Mother Murphy's, this is one of the areas in which we're proud to be old-fashioned. Sure, we have the same sort of training, standards and performance reviews that everyone else brags about. But since Kermit Murphy and Dr. Richard Stalling started selling flavors out of a basement laboratory, the company has prided itself on finding, hiring and keeping people whose parents taught them the values and mindset that fosters good customer service, one person at a time. We hire the same caliber of people in manufacturing and shipping because we believe that customer service is not something that's implemented overnight. It's not a program that you suddenly start. Customer service is part of a corporate culture, that's woven into every aspect of a company's operation. It's part of the thread that binds its every operation, from taking an order to filling it, to shipping it, to making sure it continues to fit the client's needs. It's really pretty simple, without meeting the needs of our customers, we wouldn't have grown to be a leader in the bakery, beverage and diary categories. We are here for you.

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