The global snack bar industry has grown to more than $13 billion in annual sales, and is expected to increase by 4 percent annually. Consumers are looking to bars to help them lose weight, serve as meal replacements, deliver supplemental nutrients, and provide boosts of energy whenever needed.


The people who buy bars read labels carefully, searching for protein and sugar content, additives and GMO ingredients. They want labels with ingredients they recognize and that aren’t over-processed. They want the sweeteners used in their bars to be from natural sources, or fruit and fruit extracts.


At Mother Murphy’s, we know what consumers want, and can help provide the flavors they crave.


Our powder and liquid flavors can be used to mask bitter or unpleasant flavors, and create a pleasant flavor base for gluten-free bars.


Our Capabilities

Using natural and natural-derived ingredients, such as fruit, fruit purees and cocoa powder, we help our customers maximize the flavor and health benefits of grain-based bars. In partnering to create flavors, we look for solutions that pack in nutrients, such as antioxidants, to boost the nutritional labels and marketing appeal of ready-to-eat bars.

The most common flavor in nutrition bars

is chocolate. We’ll help you find the perfect flavor formulation to please the choosiest palates.

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If you can imagine it, we can create it.