It takes perfect proportions to bake a perfect cake. Having the correct proportion of protein ingredients – flour and eggs – to fat and sugar helps make a cake tender and moist, not dry or spongy.


Flavors, in both wet and dry forms, complicate that balance. They can interfere with the baking process, adding in too much wetness or dryness to critical ratios. Some spices, such as cinnamon, can even affect the leavening process. And because of the mixing methods used in high-ratio products, particularly cakes, both wet and dry flavors must blend easily and completely with all other ingredients.


The extra sugar used in high-ratio products also creates flavor challenges. As we all know, too-sweet cakes are unappealing, and sweeteners used in place of sugar can retain water and affect moisture ratios.


At Mother Murphy’s we know how to get the flavors for high-ratio baked goods just right. And we can produce them in quantities that are small enough for high-end bakeries, large enough for retail grocery store chains, and everything in between.


Our Capabilities

We design flavoring for high-ratio products to be almost foolproof, so they’re easy enough for newly trained bakers at high-volume bakeries to use. We also can create custom flavors for bakeries that want to develop signature or seasonal cakes.

Our dry and wet flavors

for high-ratio products take the cake.

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