Cookie and Cracker

Supplying the biscuit manufacturing industry – think cookies and crackers – has long been a core part of our business. And our experience goes way beyond sweet and salty snacks.


Mother Murphy’s has a long history of developing new and innovative flavors that keep our customers happy and coming back for more. We are at the forefront in forecasting flavor trends and consumer preferences.


As consumers’ tastes have become more sophisticated, we have worked with baked-goods manufacturers to capture the tastes of spicy and savory international favorites. We’ve also partnered with companies to update cookies and crackers with flavors that are closer to nature, with organic-compliant and clean-label ingredients.


Our Capabilities

Our flavor chemists understand the complexities of working with different varieties of starches and flours to maximize some flavor characteristics and mask others. They also are skilled in the complexities and chemistry of gluten-free baking, and in adding flavor or enhancing inherent tones to create cookies and crackers that satisfy.

We understand the complexities

of creating indulgent flavors for cookies and crackers – from organic to gluten-free.

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If you can imagine it, we can create it.