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Coffee Flavors

Whether served iced or in an espresso cup, coffee is a hot commodity. And as coffee drinking has evolved into its own culture, consumer demand for more sophisticated flavors has grown.


On the way out are specialty drinks. On the way in are unadulterated flavors.


Consumers want to experience the aromas and flavors of their coffee. In most cases, the opportunities to create these distinctions occur with the addition of flavors and flavor enhancers.


Our products are sourced from coffee-producing regions around the world that are known for their distinctive notes and consistent quality. We also are skilled at creating coffee flavors that balance the bitterness of caffeine to create rich, drinkable coffee beverages.


Our Capabilities

We have created hundreds of coffee flavors and we still haven’t run out of ideas and artistic possibilities. From fruits to spice to liqueurs, we help customers develop flavors that appeal to coffee drinkers in the United States and overseas.

We work with customers to

bring out the best in light, medium and dark roasting profiles.

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If you can imagine it, we can create it.