Dairy – Ultra-High Temperature


The pasteurizing process that’s used to create ultra-high temperature dairy drinks, including organic milk, is essential to their manufacture.


But it comes with an unappetizing side effect.


Ultra-high temperature processing creates off notes in products. Most are experienced as bitter, beany, sulfuric or burnt flavors.


We work with our customers to develop natural flavors and extracts that offset or mask those unfortunate “bad tastes” associated with ultra-high temperature processing. We help them create drinks that are both delicious and free of preservatives. After all, what good is a healthy drink if it tastes bad?


Our Capabilities

Our exacting processes are designed to simulate a range of cooking methods, including continuous cooking, ultra-high temperature cooking for  extended shelf life, and aseptic processing using single or multi-stage heating,

Using modern techniques and processes,

we create flavors that remain stable under high heat.

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If you can imagine it, we can create it.