Hard Candy

Hard candy is one of the oldest treats in the confectionery world. It also presents very different flavor challenges than chews, chocolates or inclusions.


As its name implies, hard candy has very little moisture content – only 1 percent to 2 percent. That level of moisture is what remains after a long heating process that exposes the sugar content of hard candy to high temperatures. These exposures also create a challenge – flavor flash off.


Our Capabilities

The team at Mother Murphy’s has a deep knowledge of the hard-candy manufacturing process. We can develop flavors that withstand the inherent challenges of manufacturing hard candies.


Our team has developed flavors for all-natural, traditional and sugar-free hard candies. We also work with manufacturers to develop flavors that have low-flash components, such as fruits, that remain stable under high heat.

We will work with you to create

flavors that retain their intensity and flavor notes, no matter how hot things get in your kitchen.

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