Soft Chews

Flavoring soft chews begins with the end – how does the candy feel in customers’ mouths? Should it feel chewy, but not gummy? Stretchy, but not stringy? Should those qualities remain the same throughout, or change as the customer chews?


The answers to those questions drive our flavor development for soft chews. For instance, gummy candies can lose flavor over time because the protein in gelatin can bind with flavors. Starch can encapsulate the flavors in jelly centers. Oils used to keep soft chews soft are susceptible to oxidative rancidity, which can create problems for susceptible flavors.


It takes a thorough understanding of cooking conditions, food storage and stability, and chemistry to create a successful soft chew. Mother Murphy’s incorporates each of these considerations when we create soft chew flavors.


Our Capabilities

We’re worked successfully with large and small confectioners to create soft chew flavors that go beyond mere taste – sweet, sour, rich or savory – to create memorable experiences.

We help flavor soft chews

that deliver just the flavor you want – from delicate to wild.

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