In recent years, ice cream sandwiches have gone upscale. So have yogurt bars and other frozen treats sold on sticks or in single-serve packages.


In the freezer cases at grocery and convenience stores, you’ll find treats that contain real fruit pieces, chunks or juice, especially in tropical flavors. You’ll also find frozen novelties that include coconut and nuts, or that incorporate fruit with flavors that are popular internationally, such as tamarind and chili.


Locally sourced fruits also are appearing in frozen novelties, especially those made by small-batch manufacturers.


These new and exciting frozen novelty flavors appeal to customers who want healthier, more interesting frozen novelty options. And Mother Murphy’s can help create the flavors for them.


Our Capabilities

At Mother Murphy’s, we have the production facilities and manufacturing flexibility to help manufacturers experiment with new tastes and bring them to market.

From gelato cups to mocha balls,

we help you create cool new flavors for frozen novelties.

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If you can imagine it, we can create it.