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December 2021

Nat. Golden Milk Type Flavor, O.S.

Nat. Golden Milk Type Flavor, O.S.

The profile of 2827023 Nat. Golden Milk Type Flavor, O.S. is warm and spicy. The turmeric takes the main stage as a nutty, savory, earthy, and slightly citrus brightness that blends with warm cozy cinnamon bark as well. There is a zing of ginger heat found in the middle of the profile as well. This flavor could be used as a coffee reamer, ice cream, egg custard, whipped cream, and even an ethnic twist on chai tea. It could easily transition to the savory side, in a warm butternut squash soup base, or as a top note to a creamy mushroom risotto over baked chicken.

If you are interested in this flavor or have another one in mind for your next project, please reach out to your local Mother Murphy’s representative and Experience the Flavors.

Created by:

Kathleen Brown

Senior Flavor Chemist

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