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We are known for our willingness to try new things to achieve the food flavoring results our customers need. We not only embrace the changes that occur regularly in our industry, we’re often ahead of the curve in addressing them.


Our flavor chemists spend years learning about flavor qualities that go beyond taste and aroma. They know when to recommend powdered flavoring, for example, or flavor extracts. They understand the science of cooking and the realities of shelf-life, as well as how to blend complex flavor systems.


This knowledge and our many years of experience have made us experts in the following flavor capabilities:

  • Emulsions. We offer emulsions in forms that are cloudy or have color, with consistent particle size and just-picked flavor profiles.
  • Extracts. We’ve taken the process we use to make our vanilla extract and adapted it to create flavor extracts for a range of popular herbs and fruits.
  • Liquids. Mother Murphy’s water-soluble and oil-soluble liquid flavors can be adapted for use in beverages, baked goods, cereals, confections, ice creams and more.
  • Powders. We can create powdered flavoring from many of our liquid formulations to meet our customers’ needs for dry flavor systems and highly stable flavor compounds.
  • Spray dried. Our chemists understand both the hows and whys of powdered flavoring encapsulation, and can use this technique to boost flavor impacts and profiles.

From our flavor files

We ship our products to more than 30 countries and have a library in excess of 60,000 flavors.

The Mother Murphy’s Lab

We’ve invested heavily in research and development, and in the technology needed to replicate flavors molecule by molecule, with the fastest turnaround in our industry.


Our staff includes experienced chemists who use these technologies in house every day. Our sample lab is equipped with ample storage and can simulate production of food flavoring in small batches that are easily scalable. This capability allows us to prepare and ship out samples of our flavor extracts quickly.

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