Flavor Capabilities


People who say that oil and water don’t mix have never seen us do it.


Every day, we create oil-soluble food flavoring that disperses evenly and entirely in our customers’ water-soluble products. And we do so in ways that meet industry regulations and our customers’ timelines.


Our flavor chemists, researchers and technicians use the latest technology to refine and explore new ways to create emulsions. They constantly experiment with techniques and ingredients to improve stability and solubility, and to address our customers’ clean-label concerns.


You can depend on our emulsions for consistent particle size, true-to-nature flavor profiles and consistent delivery. Our emulsions are especially effective in capturing the just-picked taste of fruits, including citrus fruits. Mother Murphy’s also creates cloud emulsions that provide color and mouthfeel in beverages.


In baked goods, our emulsions can be used to provide strength, stability and flavor consistency to products subjected to fluctuating temperatures.


Our Capabilities

Mother Murphy’s works with our customers to develop emulsions that are used for food flavoring in cold beverages, carbonated and alcoholic drinks, grain-based products, dairy products and coatings. We craft a wide-variety of emulsion food flavorings, including those that are natural, organic-compliant and artificial.

You can depend on Mother Murphy’s emulsions

for their high level of stability, flavor and product consistency.

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If you can imagine it, we can create it.