Flavor Capabilities


Mother Murphy’s creates liquid flavors in oil-soluble and water-soluble formulations, which can be adjusted to suit any food application.


Our range in creating liquid flavors is almost endless, and we’re up for every challenge. Our team has developed citrus-based water-soluble liquid flavors for use in transparent beverages, baked goods, UHT dairy products, ice cream and other frozen desserts.


Our oil-soluble liquid flavors are regularly used in baked goods to carry fruit flavors such as berry and cherry, as well as butter, chocolate, caramel, maple and honey, and that’s just to name a few. We’ve also created oil-soluble flavors that create realistic aroma and taste when spicy and savory notes are needed.


Our Capabilities

We work with customers of all sizes to develop liquid flavors that are highly concentrated and have the ideal balance of aroma and flavor. Depending on our customers’ needs, we can create flavors that are organic compliant, natural, natural and artificial, and artificial.

With our large library of food flavors

our team can quickly develop and deliver liquid flavors to meet your needs.

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If you can imagine it, we can create it.