Dairy is the base to many foods that Americans eat daily.

The flavors we create at Mother Murphy’s make them taste great.


We create natural, fresh-tasting flavors that play perfectly against the acidic tones found in many dairy products. And we can test the flavors we create to make sure they respond as expected under specific dairy processing methods.


Mother Murphy’s has successfully developed flavors for companies of all sizes – from small, independent ice cream makers to manufacturers of top grocery-store brands. Our work includes organic flavors, flavors for low-fat and all-natural dairy products, and much more. Here are some examples:

  • Sherbet. The taste, texture and mouthfeel of sherbet are difficult to get just right. We have the experience to develop a rainbow of flavors.
  • Novelty. We’re at the forefront of industry trends in frozen novelties. We can create flavors that scale down to single-size servings, and incorporate all-natural and organic flavors.
  • Ice cream. Our pure vanilla extracts have been an industry favorite for more than 70 years. But we offer much more than vanilla and can create custom flavor systems in batches of all sizes.
  • Smoothies. Consumers want smoothies that are packed with nutrients and taste good, too. We can design organic flavors that meet those requirements and can help create the intended mouthfeel.
  • RTDs. Ready-to-drink dairy beverages are complex chemical challenges. We have the flavoring of RTD beverages down to a science.
  • Vanilla. We have an inventory of more than 350 vanilla flavors. Mother Murphy’s is sought-after for our expertise in developing some of the finest vanilla extracts for companies worldwide.

Our chemists are skilled in creating flavors that deliver the fresh-from-the-farm-signature that consumers and manufacturers want. And our team applies its skills and creativity within the FDA regulations governing the content and labeling of dairy products, including ice cream, novelties and sherbet.


Contact us to learn more about our skills in developing flavors for dairy products.

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Our pure vanilla extract has been our company’s signature product since the 1950s. Our vanilla extracts are found in dairy products and wheat-based products throughout the world.

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If you can imagine it, we can create it.